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The importance of performing a regular back-up of all your data cannot be stressed enough.

The consequences of losing data due to human error, hard disk or other hardware failure and natural/man made disasters can be very costly, if not fatal; It could mean the difference between business as usual or bankruptcy.

No one can predict when the inevitable failure will occur, that’s why a sound backup system will give you the invaluable protection you need from data loss.

Our consultants and engineers can formulate a consistent, reliable and robust business orientated backup and disaster recovery strategy using key elements:

  • Investment in good backup software
  • Automation of backup jobs for regular backups
  • Integrity of Restore
  • Integrity of Backup Medium
  • Ensuring that up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software is installed on all systems
  • Recovering from equipment loss due to fire, theft or natural disaster using the key elements outlined in our Disaster Recovery Plan

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