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Tel: 01753 710010

e-mail: info@micronetworks.co.uk

The MicroNet team is entirely customer driven and we always focus on the needs of our clients. We look at your requirements and produce solutions to fit.

Using the many years of experience our consultants have, we have devised packages to help you with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Site surveys
We offer a comprehensive free site survey, without any obligation to you. We will simply visit your offices, carry out a site audit and learn a little about your business then put our conclusions to you; and it won’t cost you a penny. Contact us for details

Support Packages
We have created four basic packages which, we feel, will cater for most types of businesses. We can also create a plan specifically to suit your company if our standard packages prove to be unsuitable.

Voucher based Pay-as-you-go support
Telephone only support
The simplest and most cost effective support solution is our Pay-as-you-go telephone support package. This is ideal for companies who require ad-hoc telephone support but do not wish to have a monthly contract in place. >more information and pricing

Telephone and remote support
In addition to the telephone support package outlined above, remote access support using a VPN link will enable our engineers to assists users by allowing them to access users’ PCs and fault find any problems remotely. >more information and pricing

Telephone and remote support - Monthly contract

This package is identical to the telephone and remote support package above, but it is contract based and charged for on a monthly basis. This entitles you to unlimited telephone and remote access support.
>more information and pricing

On-site contract
This is our most comprehensive package and entitles you to unlimited telephone, remote access support and site visits.
>more information and pricing

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