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One of the primary concerns for a business is its IT security. The work disruption that can be caused due to data loss and security breaches can leave a company on its knees.

An IT infrastructure and business environment that is secure and available at all times is essential. Our experienced consultants will not only develop and implement a security plan using industry best practises that can safeguard your current business from external and internal threats, but also make recommendations for the future, taking into account the growth of the business.

Our solutions include:

  • Secure infrastructure design
  • Backup solution
  • Network protection
  • Firewall and VPN
  • Account management: force regular password resets, strong passwords, remove unused/expired accounts etc.
  • Resource access management
  • Email security: Anti-virus, Anti Spam and Phishing
  • Internet protection: Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, content filtering

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